Don’t spend the new year getting cavities filled and take a few couple steps to ensure a merry and dazzling smile!

In part one, we provided a couple of simple, practical tips to keep your teeth cavity-free around the holidays such as sticking to your dental routine and drinking water — don’t miss out on all the tips and read them here.

The holidays are abundant in goodies galore and while we tend to focus on the effects it has on our waistlines, we overlook how it impacts our teeth.

You can have your cake and it too, right?! At Dr. Mel A. Burchman Family Dentistry in Langhorne, we are your teeth advocates and want to see you have a holly, jolly holiday season, free from cavities! Indulge in more tips and recommendations from us to keep your smile healthy and vibrant during the influx of holiday sweets!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy Into The New Year

So, maybe you can have your cake and it too — with a few more dental health tips to implement in this sugary, sweet season.

Time Your Treats

There is a reason we eat dessert following our main meals, it better protects us from cavities! If you want to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth, do so following a meal. Your saliva production increases during mealtime and better coats and banishes acid-producing bacteria that cause cavities. The saliva also washes away food particles and rinses harmful debris — pair it with water and you are well on your way to a healthier season.

Be Mindful of Your Alcohol

The holidays boast some amazing holiday beverages such as Brandy Alexanders, eggnog, and boozy peppermint hot chocolate, but be mindful of the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol is essentially sugar, and sip after sip you are coating your teeth in liquid sugar! If you partake in these boozy beverages, ensure you are swishing with and drinking water in between rounds!

And, if you’ve invested in teeth whitening, opt for lighter colored drinks such as white wine or champagne, instead of red wine or a Cosmo that can stain your teeth and reverse your teeth whitening progress.


Limit Your Tasty Baked Goods!

Cookies and cakes are arguably the best part of the holiday season, however, they can be some of the worst culprits for dental decay because their chips and crumbles can wedge themselves in all the wrong places and cause cavities. Ensure you floss directly after you eat baked goods to better prevent cavities from forming.  

Pack a Holiday Party Dental Survival Kit

Most of the holiday season you are swinging from party to party and you don’t always have time to freshen up your teeth. To keep your smile at its best, pack a little kit you can toss into your purse or glove box that has all the essentials including floss, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bottle of water.

Protect your teeth this holiday season and follow our simple and reasonable tips and avoid cavities!

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