A Wide Variety Of Laser Treatment Procedures

At Langhorne Family Smiles, you’ll find more than 8 high-tech lasers available that can be used for specific tissue problems. No matter what the issue is, we’ll find the right light wavelength for your mouth’s unique needs.

Hard tissue lasers: These laser types target water and are ideal for repairing cavities. 95% of the time the treatment can be performed without novocaine, and you won’t experience any residual pain or numbness!

Soft tissue lasers: These lasers target areas of pigmentation. They’re primarily used for periodontal and oral surgery procedures. You might compare these soft tissue laser procedures to the laser eye procedures we all know about. Lasers make the post operation recovery time far more pleasant than the old scapel way. Since this procedure is virtually pain-free, novicaine barely has to be used, if at all.

Think of it: No Needles, No Drills, and No Numb Feeling When You Leave Our Office.

Convenient Laser Treatments For At-Risk Patients

If you’re considered to be “medically at-risk,” laser treatments can allow you to be treated right in our office while keeping you on all your regular daily medicines. It has allowed me to treat many patients that previously would have needed to be hospitalized. I have lectured on this throughout the country and have had many of my cases published in the Laser Academy Journal. This has been the most rewarding part of incorporating lasers into my practice.

View Photos Of The Latest In Laser Dentistry Technology