The Latest High-Tech Dentistry Services In Langhorne, Pennsylvania

At Dr. Burchman, we pride ourselves in offering the latest technology in dentistry services. When you choose us, you’re choosing an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to keeping up with the latest techniques and equipment.

Stop by 712-A Trenton Rd today to experience our advanced dental services for yourself or simply contact us now to make your next appointment!

Easily View Your Digital X-Ray

With our computer generated x-rays, you’ll be able to view image captures of your mouth more easily than with older methods. These digitized x-ray systems use approximately 90% less radiation than the standard models.

Fully Detailed Dental Scans

Intraoral camera technology allows both you and Dr. Burchman to view your mouth’s issues in full color. Take a look at your dental scans today on our 19″ monitors.

Another High-Tech Dental Technique Is Using Air Abrasion

We offer another new technology called air abrasion or particle spray. Air abrasion works by using a compressed aluminum silicate spray to clear the affected area. As with lasers, there’s no needles or drills, and no numb feeling when you leave the office!

As a pain-free treatment, you won’t need novacaine 95% of the time. Trust an award-winning dentist to provide you with high quality dental treatments.