Fully Customizable Mouthguards In Langhorne, Pennsylvania

At the offices of Dr. Burchman, you’ll receive fully customizable mouthguards for all your preventative dental care needs.

PlaySafe mouthguards are even available for all your sporting needs, and they’re easily custom fitted to your mouth. Choose from a variety of fun colors and styles today when you visit our offices at 712-A Trenton Rd.

Protect Your Kids With Mouthguards

Do you have children involved in sports? You’ll want to provide them with the best protection available while they’re playing. Mouthguards will keep your kids safe by preventing expensive oral injuries from occurring.

 Guaranteed Mouthguard Protection

We want you to be completely satisfied with your new product! So if you’re wearing your new mouthpiece correctly and one of your teeth breaks, the mouthguard company will pay up $500 towards the restoration of your teeth.