Tooth extractions are a last-ditch effort to maintain overall dental health, and when they can, dentists will do all they can to preserve the natural tooth.

A full set of teeth is vital not only to our oral health but how we speak and digest food; needless to say, our teeth play a crucial part in our overall health. Dental procedures such as a tooth extraction are never pleasant, but they must be addressed to keep the rest of your teeth healthy and your smile vibrant!  

When you work with Dr. Burchman at Dr. High Tech Dentistry in Langhorne, you’ll find a dental office that focuses solely on the individual to provide compassionate care with innovative dental techniques. Learn more about tooth extractions and when they are a necessity to your dental health.

All About Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is a dental method in which a tooth is removed as a result of it causing pain and discomfort from decay or other dental trauma, or if it is crowding your mouth and preventing other teeth from coming in correctly. As we mentioned earlier, the best practice is to preserve a natural tooth so your dentist will take measures to do so, but in the end, sometimes they just need to be extracted.

Severe decay and tooth damage – A tooth requires extraction when there is severe decay or trauma. If the decay reaches the center of the tooth — the pulp — the bacteria present can spread and cause an infection.

Periodontal disease issues – Some extractions can be a result of periodontal disease which affects the gums and teeth. Similar to how dental decay can result in a tooth extraction, the bacteria associated with periodontal disease can also cause harm and a need for an extraction. When damaged teeth are removed, it can better restore health to your gums and the surrounding teeth.

Impacted teeth – A tooth becomes impacted when it is covered and doesn’t have the space to surface; this is commonly seen in wisdom teeth. Extracting teeth that are impacted is important because it preserves other teeth and can reduce infection and overcrowding in the mouth.

Accident trauma – If you are involved in a car or sports accident, sometimes a tooth extraction is the only option. Dentists do try and preserve the tooth through crowns and bridges, but if it is too severe it will be removed for overall dental health.     

How is a tooth extraction determined?

The most important thing to do when you have tooth pain is to schedule an appointment. When you schedule an appointment with your dentist, they’ll perform a thorough examination and determine if it can be preserved or not. If indeed you do need a tooth extraction, you will typically receive x-rays to determine the course of treatment. Try and schedule your tooth extraction sooner than later to avoid further complications such as infection, pain, and misalignment.  

There are many scenarios in which a tooth extraction is necessary, including damage and decay to the tooth.

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