There are many causes of bad breath that go beyond poor dental health and some directly relate to your health.

This is the third part on bad breath — catch up on all the posts here and here. In part two, we learned that bad breath may be attributed to hormones, tonsil issues, and the medications you take.

Chronic bad breath is nothing to pass over, though it can be a cause of insecurity and anxiety for some. At Dr. Mel A. Burchman, we understand bad breath treat our patients with the dignity they deserve and aim to assist in the prevention and treatment of bad breath. Let’s explore more causes of bad breath together in today’s post.

More Causes of Bad Breath

Bad Breath: Sinuses

Similar to the tonsils, the sinuses are subject to infection or inflammation. Issues with your sinuses can be acute or chronic, stemming from allergies to a post nasal drip. Symptoms of sinusitis include fatigue, sore throat, yellow or green thick mucus, headache, toothache, and bad breath.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you may be struggling with your sinuses and they may be causing your bad breath! Fix this with a visit to your local health care practitioner!

Bad Breath: Lungs

The lungs are prone to infection in some individuals and could be an uncommon cause of your chronic bad breath.  

If you are managing a chronic health issue related to your lungs such as bronchitis or are dealing with the croup, flu, or pneumonia these are culprits that tend to cause bad breath.

Those with asthma also may experience chronic bad breath because many suffer from dry mouth as a result of their medication or breathing patterns.

Bad Breath: Digestive

Bad breath culminating from your gut can present itself in many forms, but general bad breath related to your gut may indicate an imbalance in your overall digestive tract.

Health issues such as GERD, gas, bloating, burping, and constipation can all cause bad breath.   

Bad Breath: Diet

While consuming specific foods such as garlic or fish may cause occasional bad breath, there are diets that can cause chronic bad breath.

The Keto Diet

Known for its high fat, low carb ways, keto breath is a thing amongst its followers. When your body switches from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner, it produces chemicals known as ketones. Ketones produce a very distinct sweet or acetone smell, and while it’s not necessarily bad, it is unmistakable.


Hunger isn’t a diet, but when people skip a series of meals, your breath can take on a sulfuric odor common in those who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia. In skipping meals, this can disrupt your saliva production — salivation is the first step in digestion — and when we don’t eat this process isn’t ignited.

Bad breath is never a fun thing to manage, but when you know its root — which is many — you can begin to treat chronic bad breath and find a permanent solution.

Let’s find the root cause of your bad breath together! Schedule an appointment at our Langhorne location today!