If you suffer from chronic bad breath, your body may be signaling that something more sinister could be going on.

We all have had it — stinky breath. It can be from consuming coffee, enjoying garlic on everything, or eating a certain kind of food. But, chronic bad breath is something different, it strays from the occasional breath wrath that needs gum — it could be telling you something else is going on.

Dr. Mel A. Burchman is an ally in your dental health, even chronic bad breath! He and his staff are here to help tackle your oral hygiene so you walk away healthier and happier. Discover in today’s post all about bad breath and what chronic bad breath may mean.

The Woes of Chronic Bad Breath

If you suffer from stinky breath, chances are you’re dealing with it alone — chronic bad breath goes untreated and undiagnosed because most people are embarrassed about it.

At Dr. Mel A. Burchman’s dental clinic in Langhorne, we’ll never dismiss you or make you feel bad about your breath.

It’s important to seek dental help because chronic bad breath is often a symptom of an oral health issues and other health concerns.

Five to 10 percent of all chronic bad breath cases are related to health concerns outside of the mouth — this means that there are two to five million Americans walking around with health issues that their mouth is trying to warn them about.

What causes bad breath?

Typical, wholesome bad breath is caused by proteins being broken down in your mouth. When things get concerning is when the protein cysteine is being broken down on the tongue and in the front of the mouth — this commonly smells like rotten eggs and can signify poor oral health.

When your bad breath begins to stick around no matter how many times you brush, floss, and consume gum and mints, it’s time for a dental exam. But, there is a strong mouth-body connection and your bad breath could be related to something else going on.

What’s That Smell?: Tales of Chronic Bad Breath

When standard bad breath turns to chronic bad breath, there are different types of smells associated with different health issues going on systemically in your body. Yes, it’s a bit gross and uncomfortable to talk about, but it could save you or a family member from a serious health issue. Let’s explore them below.

Chronic Bad Breath: Fecal

A fecal smell may indicate issues with your bowels.

Chronic Bad Breath: Cheesy

A cheesy smell indicates an issue in the sinus or nasal region.

Chronic Bad Breath: Musty, Sweet

A musty, sweet smell could be related to your liver health.

Chronic Bad Breath: Fruity

This could indicate unmanaged diabetes.


Bad breath is just bad breath, until it’s not. If you suffer from chronic bad breath it could be something more. We’re going to continue this conversation in part two where will explore the other types of smells, in addition to diving into the different types of bad breath and how they impact your health. Stay tuned!

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