Each season presents itself with dental hazards, learn how to protect your teeth this summer!


Summer bliss is filled with soaking up plenty of sunshine, swimming, and backyard barbecues, and it can also be a season where your dental health thrives!  


The summer is a time when the kids are out of school and schedules get a little more lax, but it’s not a time to ignore those pearly whites!


Dr. Mel A. Burchman is the leading Langhorne dentist in all seasons, and while you’re having fun in the sun being active and having a blast, indulge in our tips for having the best summer smile!

Summer Smile Tips


A healthy mouth is a reflection of our wellness, so keeping it in tip-top shape this summer is vital to long-term dental health.


Your teeth are not your hands!


Teeth 101, do not use your teeth to replace your hands! For the love of dental health, your teeth are not tools — do not use them to open bags, wrappers, or bottles.


Teeth were made for chewing up food, and though they can act as an easy way to pry things open, so much damage can occur. Teeth can chip and your gums can be damaged, so amidst all the delicious chips and icy pops, use your hands or scissors!


Watch Your Sweets!


While watching sugar can be true for any season, summer ushers gobs of popsicles and sweet treats to indulge in, so it’s best to pick and choose between the things you really love and skipping the daily dose of sweet tea!


An excess amount of sugar leads to dental decay (cavities) among many other health issues, so take a little more care and always rinse with water or brush your teeth after a sugary treat!


Stay Hydrated!


Hot Langhorne summers can fuel dehydration, thus causing dry mouth. Dry mouth is a dental concern because a lack of saliva can increase the occurrence of cavities. Saliva does a great job of ushering harmful bacteria and food debris away, combatting dental decay. And, when you have dry mouth this defense mechanism is squashed, so stay well-hydrated and sip on water throughout the day.

Stay Protected!


The summer hosts a variety of outdoor activities that are super fun and engaging, but can be a disaster for your teeth. If you’re playing any kind of a contact sport, football, basketball, or baseball, consider wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth.


Additionally, play smart with whatever activity you’re doing and know the risks!


Master Your Routine!


As we noted earlier, schedules get uprooted in the summer, so try and stick to your normal at-home dental routine as much as possible.


The gold standard for a summer smile, brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once!


Don’t compromise your pearly whites this summer and prevent accidents by using tools to open bags and wrappers (instead of your teeth), eat healthy foods and avoid sugar, stay hydrated, protect your teeth when you’re playing contact sports, and keep your dental health routine consistent.


What to up your summer smile even more? Schedule in-office teeth cleaning today!