Learn more on how allergies and your child’s dental health are related!


In part one, we explored the connection between allergies and dental health in kids — from how they manifest to identifying early symptoms. Unpacking how allergies relate to our dental health is vital, and as we covered, addressing allergies early on may help prevent them from getting braces in the future.


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In today’s post, we’re going to continue the exploration of allergies in kiddos and how they make a big impact on their overall dental wellness. When you partner with Dr. Mel A. Burchman, you can rest assured you have a local Langhorne dentist who is here to support you and your family in your dental health quest! Now, let’s learn more about allergies in kids and what it means for their teeth.

Allergies and Dental Health


It’s fascinating to ponder that allergies in children may affect the way their teeth develop and increase their chances for braces later down the road. And yet there is more about allergies in kids.


Allergies can indicate poor gut health in kids.


Gut health splattered over the health and wellness space, and for good reason. It turns out the tiny colonies that reside in us, our microbiome, affect everything from our immune system and digestion to dental health and even allergies.


When your kid has a healthy gut, you can bet that their overall wellness will shine, but if your kid is continually sick, you may want to investigate their gut health.


Why does this matter?


Allergies are a large sign that the immune system is being triggered, so when you heal the root cause of their allergies, such as their gut health, not only will they feel better but their dental health will improve.


So, how do you go about improving gut health?


One of the simplest ways to improve gut health in your child is through food. It can be tricky to get your kiddos to eat the good stuff, but it’s doable. If they tend to eat a diet leaning towards high carbs, highly processed foods, and sugar, this may be the culprit.


Try and reduce all three of these things and begin to incorporate whole, unprocessed foods and plenty of veggies! Adding in foods natural in probiotics such as yogurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut is helpful as well.


There are also a handful of probiotics for kids on the market that mix easily into a liquid and taste great!


When your microbiome is balanced, not only does it help restore the balance of the healthy bugs that fight cavities, it calms your immune system to better quell allergies.


What do you do if your child has allergies?


The best thing to do for your child if they exhibit allergies symptoms is to address it immediately — the sooner action is taken the sooner they feel better and their dental health is improved. While you seek a diagnosis, consider their gut health and investigate ways to help them now!


Allergies are more than the annoying sniffles and sneezes, they can disrupt and affect your child’s dental health.


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