Do you love the treats that are associated with the holidays, but worry about what all the sugar is doing to your teeth?

The holidays are chock full of celebrations that are abundant in cakes, cookies, and booze — whether you are joining your work team to celebrate the ending of another year or have a large family gathering — food is always front and center. There is eggnog, fudge, peanut brittle, candy canes, pies, and every type of cookie you can imagine. So, where do you begin to avoid cavities around the holidays?

Tis the season of Sugar Plum Fairies and leaving cookies for Santa, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin your dental health! You have an ally in Dr. Mel. A Burchman Family Dentistry in Langhorne — not only are we here for routine teeth cleanings, but we can give you the best holiday pointers to keep that smile healthy and bright. Venture into holiday dental health in today’s post.

Experience a Cavity-Free Holiday Season

If you’re dreaming of more than a white Christmas, deck the halls with healthy cavity-free teeth!

Do You Hear What I hear? Be Consistent in Your Dental Routine!

One of the most important things for your teeth around the holidays, though you’re indulging in goodies, is to stick with your dental routine. If it’s waning a bit, now is the time to up your game. We all know the basic recommendations of brushing twice per day and flossing at least once — stick to this but add in flossing twice per day for an added punch!

Don’t Skimp on the Mistletoe!

Mistletoe is a is a lovely decoration to sneak that kiss from your crush or your significant other. Mistletoe is also a dark, leafy green, so as to remind you to eat your veggies this season! But, please, do not eat mistletoe, it will cause GI distress! On the other hand, when you eat a sweet treat pair it with dark, leafy greens or a crunchy veggie like carrots — they are a natural teeth cleaner!


Limit Sticky, Gummy, and Chewy Treats or You May Have a Blue Christmas

The worst holiday offenders are candy canes, brittle, and soft mint chews — not only can they pull dental fillings out, it’s not uncommon to chip or crack a tooth while indulging on these sweets. If you do have them, break them into smaller, more manageable pieces and wash them down with a hot cup of tea or water.

Drink Water For a Holly, Jolly Holiday!

Make water your best companion this holiday season. Not only does water keep you hydrated, but it is one of the best defenses against cavities, aside from brushing and flossing. Drinking and swishing your mouth out with water following a meal, and especially any holiday indulgence, washes leftover food debris down, limiting its chances of setting up shop and causing dental decay.

The holidays can put your teeth at greater risk for cavities because they’re likely more exposed to a host of sweet goodies. Be sure to incorporate the tips listed above, and stay tuned for part two for even more ways to keep your teeth healthy during the holidays.

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