Make teeth whitening a priority this season!


Summers in Langhorne are a breath of fresh air — the spring ushered in the moisture through its gentle rain showers and summer has detonated hills of green and beautiful botanical blooms! 


Everything is brighter. Even we get brighter — in spirit and aesthetics! Our sandy brown and blonde tousles are highlighted a lighter blonde and our skin is kissed by the sun. So, why not brighten up our summer smile with teeth whitening?!


Dr. Mel A. Burchman is not only here for general dentistry in Langhorne, but he’s here to provide you with the whitest, brightest summer smile with expert in-office teeth whitening! Explore why teeth whitening should be your next cosmetic dentistry service in today’s post!

What is the secret to the best teeth whitening? Your local dentist!


Why Whiten and Brighten Your Teeth?


There are a handful of cosmetic dentistry services that really improve the aesthetics of your smile, and teeth whitening is just one of them! If you’re perfecting your summer look, level up with an extra detail — teeth whitening! 


But why whiten your teeth? There are many reasons, let’s dive into them below!


Take the years off!


Teeth whitening is the new age-defying practice! If you want to shave decades off your look, whiten your teeth. 


We put our teeth through the wringer — from chain-smoking cigarettes as we toured with our band in our early 20s to loving wine just a little too much that we’re practically a sommelier. Food, beverages, and lifestyle choices all contribute to our teeth yellowing as they age. 


So, if you’re ready to flash pearly whites this summer, get a professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist!


Boost Your Confidence


Perhaps you got active this past winter and have reached your weight loss goals or you’re newly single and ready to date again; however you’re feeling yourself, teeth whitening only enhances what you’re feeling on the inside!  


Express your confidence and build on it by looking your best with a teeth whitening service!


Elevate your next special occasion!


The summer is full of special occasions — weddings, class reunions, graduations, BBQs, and job interviews, so elevate your look with teeth whitening. There is no reason not to look your best and pay attention to this finer detail of cosmetic dentistry! Flash your smile as you’re hitting the dance floor, seeing old flames, getting your diploma, or landing your dream job!


Do it for summer self-care!


We love to pamper ourselves with mani/pedis, massages, and new dos, but what about our teeth? Why not schedule a teeth whitening? This is a great way to combine a regular dental cleaning and improve your dental health, while treating yourself to some teeth whitening self-care. You’ll feel fresher and love to catch glimpses of your beautiful self in reflections. 


If not teeth whitening this summer, then when?! Whiten and brighten your smile this summer as an act of age defiance, for boosting your confidence and showing up as your best self to special occasions, and doing it simply because you love yourself!


Whiten your teeth in our Langhorne office! Schedule an appointment today!